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The historical roots of Sohni Dharti Development Foundation (SDDF) are associated with Community Social Welfare Council (CSWC) i.e. a model NGO which was registered with Social Welfare Department NWFP in 1961. CSWC is the most experienced and the oldest NGO of NWFP Pakistan and has got a large number of development projects on its credit. In 1990, CSWC was divided into two wings namely Executive Wing and SDDF wing. The Executive Wing, since then, is responsible for policy making issues and the SDDF wing is responsible for the implementation of humanitarian projects. SDDF was also registered as a separate NGO in 1997. Currently, SDDF is involved in several humanitarian programs in different sectors e.g. Education, Health & Hygiene, Access to Justice, Environment, Water & Sanitation, Poverty Alleviation, Women Rights, Child Protection, Psychosocial Support, etc. SDDF believes in the development of communities through participatory approach to ensure sustainable development at grass root level.


SDDF has a large network to perform its operations. Apart from having a large number of volunteers all around the country, the SDDF is also associated with other organizations. SDDF is:


  • Member National Action Combat desertification, Pakistan

  • Partner of Tehsil Network of the Trust for Volunteer Organizations (TVO)

  • Member Sukoon Consortium for Psychosocial Support

  • Member District Steering Committee, Plan Pakistan.

  • Member District Steering Committee, IUCN-ACS, Abbottabad.

  • Member Advisory Committee, Dar-ul- Aman.

  • Member District Coordination Council of Reg. NGOs.

  • Consortium, SDDF-PEPS, for Women Medical College Abbottabad.

  • Member Hazara NGOs Forum.

  • Member Working Council Sarhad NGOs Itahad  (SNI).

  • Member Hazara NGOs Itahad (HNI).

  • Executive Member CESSD Abbottabad.

  • Executive Member Women Crises Center Abbottabad (Ministry of Women).


SDDF has implemented several self and donor funded projects. The current / ex. donor organizations of SDDF include:

  • European Commission (EC)

  • Trust for Volunteer Organization (TVO)

  • Plan Pakistan

  • Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM), Government of Pakistan.

  • Social Welfare & Women Development Department, Government of NWFP, Pakistan.

  • National Commission for Human Development (NCHD)

  • National Education Foundation (NEF), Government of Pakistan.



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